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  • parental controlApp Blocker
  • parental controlPlay Time
  • parental controlSchool Time
  • parental controlBed Time
  • parental controlTasks
  • parental controlCall Log
  • parental controlSMS Log
  • parental controlDashboard
  • parental controlWorksheets
  • parental controlTests
  • parental controlReports
  • parental controlGifts

App Blocker

  • Blocks unsuitable apps on the children's device.
  • App Blocker doesn't allow the children to install new apps without parent's approval.
  • Set limit for your children's playtime.
  • Keep a watchful eye on your children's online presence 24/7 with learnplay's App Blocker.
  • learnplay App Blocker provides a safe digital life for children.
parental control

Play Time

  • Using learnplay Playtime, Parents can assign screen time for the children.
  • The playtime can be pre-determined by Parents on a daily basis.
  • learnplay Playtime feature not only restricts the children's time spent on devices but also encourages them to be more responsible, diligent, and accountable for their actions.
parental control

School Time

  • Parents can schedule the school Time to limit the children's device usage during the School hours.
  • learnplay School Time helps the children to concentrate more on the studies during the School Time.

App Blocker

Bed Time

  • Parents can set the bedtime schedule to limit the children's device usage access during sleeping hours.

App Blocker


  • Assign Tasks such as daily chores to enrich the children's good habits and responsible behavior.
  • Parents can also assign Tasks (such as playing outdoors, keeping the room clean, having dinner together, etc) to let their children earn Playtime as incentive for completing the Tasks.
  • learnplay Tasks feature helps the parents to build the vital values integral to a successful future of the children.

App Blocker

Call Log

  • learnplay Call Log feature displays incoming/outgoing call lists and makes reports of the most often used contacts and call duration.
  • AParents can track all the deleted Call Logs.
  • Parents can block unwanted numbers as well.
  • Parents can review children's Call Log with all the details such as Call duration, date, phone number, contact name and location where the Call was made or received through your Dashboard.
  • learnplay Call Log Feature is compatible with all android devices

App Blocker


  • learnplay SMS feature displays all the incoming/outgoing SMS messages with all the details.
  • Parents can monitor all the text messages (both inbound and outbound messages) with entire information including date and time, person name, text body, and number, sent or received.
  • Parents can also monitor deleted messages.
  • SMS Log feature is compatible with all android devices.

App Blocker


  • Our highly innovative, cutting-edge, and robust user interface Dashboard was specially designed for Parents to access child's overall statistics.
  • Using learnplay Dashboard, Parents can easily access a complete glimpse of all the activities of the children. children.
  • Parents can access the aggregate performance report of the children through the Dashboard.

Time management


  • learnplay unlimited Worksheets develop learning skills of the children and also help them to build good analytical skills and excel in the school.
  • learnplay Worksheets are found in 3 levels - Remember, Understand, and Apply.
  • Our conceptual Worksheets are available in five subjects such as Mathematics, EVS, English, Hindi, and Telugu from grades 1 to 5 mapped with national curricula.
  • Children can earn points and stars respectively for every correct answer, which is one of the main USP's of learnplay app.

Time management


  • learnplay Tests evaluates the conceptual understanding and provide immediate insight into the performance of the children in all the three cognitive levels across the various sub-topics.
  • And the Tests also help the children to put their knowledge into real-time practice what they have gained in the school.
  • The child can choose to move to the next topic or revisit the same again.
  • learnplay Tests help the children to have a strong command and knowledge on every topic in all the five subjects.

Time management


  • learnplay reports help parents to set the stage for children to improve and develop them as young learners.
  • learnplay Reports provide a snapshot of the children's overall performance across Remember, Understand and Apply levels at the subject level, topic level or even sub- topic and cognitive levels.
  • learnplay Reports empower the parent and the children to have a focused approach towards learning to improve academic performance and also develop the children's awareness for the standardized and competitive tests.

Time management


  • Learn to Earn, Earn to Redeem, Redeem to Play ~ This sums up our learnplay vision.
  • After completion of Worksheets, children can earn rewards in the form of points and stars, which can be redeemed online or they can receive the tangible gifts from us.
  • learnplay gifts encourage the children to practice more and more worksheets.

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