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General FAQ's

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learnplay - is India's first app with parental control, which is seamlessly integrated with high-quality and 3-level practice worksheets from grades 1 to 5. Parents can easily manage and monitor children's devices, track their usage as well as promote a deeper understanding and application of information gained in school through our world-class worksheets. With learnplay, you can also build a sense of responsibility and diligence in children along with many other values for life through the allocation of tasks for the holistic development of children.

Using learnplay, parents can easily manage and monitor children’s devices, track their usage as well as promote a deeper understanding and application of information gained in school through our cognitive learning worksheets.

We have packed awesome features into one smart app along with great benefits! Go through the list of our features here and click on a particular feature to know more details.

learnplay is currently available on Android V5.0 and above. Our application can be installed on any tablet and smart-phone and the web application can be accessed through any browser.

learnplay has unique Parental control feature that enables the parents to receive real-time alerts, view and manages activities online, blocks unwanted apps, assign the tasks, Time Management - Bedtime, School time and Playtime. And, our Learnplay app also nurture young minds by providing unlimited worksheets and step by step guidance and explanations to every question to learnplay.

We're always here for you. If you ever get in a fix or have any app-related query, you can contact us anytime @ +91 96030 90009 or drop us an email at info@learnplaytime.com

Yes, learnplay detects new app installations and notifies you with all the appropriate details.

Installing learnplay App

You can download learnplay app from the Google Play store.

Step 1 of 2 – How to Install learnplay App on Parent's Device:
  • • Download learnplay app on parent's device from the play store
  • • Open the app and choose parent's profile
  • • Enter credentials and create an account
  • • Add your child details (Name, DOB, Gender, and Select Grade)
  • • Give a name to your child’s device e.g. Tab, Samsung, and so on (If a child doesn't have a device, you can click on the skip for now option)
  • • Now parent's interface will load as shown in the picture.
  • • You can now access cognitive learning worksheets from the parent’s device.
Step 2 of 2 - How to Install learnplay App on Child Device:
  • • Install learnplay App in your child device.
  • • Login with the credentials
  • • Choose Child Profile
  • • Now activate device name for the child
  • • And activate device administrator and allow usage access permissions
  • • Allow additional permission like Battery Optimization.
  • • Child's interface will load as shown in the picture.

Yes! Reinstalling is very easy. All you need to do is download the app from Google play store and login using your existing email id and password.

No Worries! Even though if your mobile was stolen or repaired, you can monitor or manage your child’s account through our website, www.learnplaytime.com.

Yes, the safety and security of our trustworthy clients is our utmost priority. learnplay never share any of your personal data with any other third party and only parents can view the statistics of our app used by his /her child

Even though, if you don’t have a compatible device, you can view and protect your kid’s activities anywhere/anytime through our website. You just need to visit www.learnplaytime.com and login using your Email and password.

Yes, you need to give permissions on child’s device. You need to activate device administrator and allow usage access permissions and additional permissions like Call history/ SMS History/Contacts and Battery Optimization.

No! Not all. We don’t need to give any permission on the parent’s device while installing the app.

If you want to uninstall learnplay App from your mobile/any device, all you need to do is you have to uninstall the child’s device followed by a parent’s device and then uninstall learnplay App just the same way you would uninstall any other App.

You can block settings in APP BLOCKER feature of learnplay app.

Learnplay Features

Parental Control is an application which let free the children but it supervises them. It's an invisible protection while they learn, enjoy, and play. It’s a hidden guard, invisible but active, watching to the new software being installed or blocking harmful games or websites.

App Blocker – Helps you to save your child from online predators. With learnplay App you can limit access to specific apps, block undesired apps, track usage report, block any /all apps at certain times such as school time, bedtime and playtime, periodically reward additional playtime to your child for good behavior on your child’s devices with just one click. Time Management- Time management is one of our unique parental control features, which gives you the flexibility to assign time to play online, along with control over apps that the child can access. With learnplay app you can manage your child’s bedtime, play time, and school time. Dash Board – Learnplay gives you one of the best user-friendly and robust user interface dashboard, wherein the parents get a complete glimpse of all the activities a child is working on. Tasks: Parents can assign tasks and let your child earn play time. The tasks can be as simple as playing outdoors, keeping the room clean, having dinner together, etc. you can award him/her points, or playtime for doing the tasks.

  • Access all the data
  • User statistics
  • Analytics of child’s performance across subjects in real time

Select the manage icon on parent's device, then

  • • Click on the task sign
  • • Choose to create the task
  • • Set the task name and duration
  • • Click assign

We have 5 Subjects: English, Maths, Hindi, Telugu, and EVS (Environmental Science) from 1 to 5 grades. Note: As of now, from Grade 1 to Grade 3 – English, Maths, and EVS (Environmental Science) subjects are available. For Grade 4 and Grade 5, we offer all the 5 subjects.

We follow the national curriculum to provide the best knowledge to children.

Remember, Understand and Apply is the core Mantra on which our e-Learning app has been developed with 3-level worksheets that emphasize on the understanding and application, providing a 360-degree understanding of a concept to the child.

We are offering 5 subjects with over 200000 questions, which have been continuously increasing and are being enhanced by the content team.

After completion of your kid's task, you will get immediate notification from learnplay.

  • • Select the manage icon on parent's device
  • • Click on school time/bedtime/playtime
  • • Set the start and end time with frequency
  • • Click Done

App blocker helps the parent to manage, monitor and ensure your child is safe online from online predators and dangers. learnplay not only enables you to choose the apps which you want your child to use but also empowers you to restrict the time spent on them.

Regret for the inconvenience! Our service currently takes a maximum of 5 minutes to update and manage the server.

Yes, learnplay features work on Wi-Fi and cellular data (4G/LTE and 3G).

We will send notifications via email or push app notifications.

Rather than activity-based worksheets, we are providing features on our app which will improve the child's problem-solving skills, life skills and impart values. We are not a purely tutorial app; we are an assessment tool as well.

  • • Our feature of rewards and redemptions gives tangible gifts for their efforts and right answers.
  • • Also, children can learn while having fun with our app.

Learnplay Subscription

Basic learnplay App Blocker free version is available for forever. All our other features are available for 7 days for the trial period.

learnplay free version feature is - Basic App Blocker. Kindly visit our plan section for more details about free version features.

We have Advance, Silver and Gold Subscription plan for Quarterly, Annual and Annual With Tablet. Please browse through our different services. We offer a mix of parental control, Subjects, and Languages starting at just INR 499/Quarterly.

Yes, Our learnplay parental control allows you to control multiple child devices from one single parent device.

Yes, you can choose only parental control feature.

Yes, you can add more than one child.

You are allowed to maintain one or more children profiles in one device but we will charge amount separately for each child profile.

That's why we offer a free trial! You can try our application for free to see how it works and how it protects your children from cyber threats and how it develops the vital values in children.

The Free version offers only app blocker feature but the advanced version provides Dashboard, Uses Statistics and other features.

learnplay Gold Subscription features include:
  • • App Blocker
  • • Play Time
  • • School Time
  • • Bed Time
  • • Dashboard
  • • Tasks
  • • Usage Statistics
  • • Reports
  • • Cognitive Learning - Math
  • • Cognitive Learning - English
  • • Cognitive Learning - Hindi or Telugu
  • • Cognitive Learning – Environmental Science

Please ensure the following

  • • Your child devices have the active internet connection. LearnPlay features can work only with an active Wi-Fi or Cellular data network connection.
  • • Your child device is compatible. We support Android V5 and above.
  • • Have you synchronized with child device with correct password?

If you are still facing the issue again, then please feel free to write to us: support@learnplaytime.com

Please use the link of forget password from your device.

No, you cannot install both the apps on the same device.

Please ensure the following:

  • Have you given uses statistics permission?
  • Have you given access permission?
  • If not then please give permission for uses statics and re-start child device
  • Your child devices have an active internet connection. learnplay features can work only with an active Wi-Fi or Cellular data network connection.
  • If you are still facing the issue again, then please feel free to write to us: support@learnplaytime.com